Cooperation Can Bring Positive Social Change


Welcome to this opportunity to help bring some positive social change to your  community. Local cooperation can help to bring about  local ‘sustainability” and also a better quality of life for all those who are involved in helping a community to regain its economic independence.  DHL

An Introduction to Social Cooperation

Social cooperation, that helps to bring about positive social change within a community is not a new social concept. In fact, the cooperative way of  conducting local business in the world is also nothing new. Our social cooperation in this very basic way, certainly predates capitalism as an active business model. Our social cooperation within local business structures has also proven to be a viable local business alternative to the for-profit (capitalist), model that has been imposed upon our worldwide communities by the few. Certainly, the cooperative style of business activity (cooperation) is just a little bit more “free enterprise’ than “capitalism” is, as it is now being practiced by the few. Local cooperation, in the form of not-for-profit business, had been firmly established in our local communities long before any seeds of capitalism were ever sown. In order to regain local community independence, we need to get back to the basics of local cooperation.

Getting past the objections

Realistically, capitalism, as a worldwide business model, has failed to live up to its social promises, and has now left behind a permanent trail of industrial pollution, mass unemployment, social inequities, and the continung depletion of the world’s natural resources. This ongoing exploitation of our natural resources, human resources, and our local agriculture, has been perpetuated in the name of capitalism by those very few among us who continue to reap all the financial benefits – those few among us who have singularly claimed their total control of unlimited access to investment capital, inherent social priviledge, and have gained total control of the world’s financial, and political power. If you think that I am wrong, please stop reading right now.

What has been “free” for the many about “free enterprise”?

We have to acknowledge, the many of us, (those who are the subjects of the very few), that there is nothing inherently “free” about the present monetary concepts that are practiced by the capitalist business model that is active within the world around us. There is nothing that is “free” – for our human society as a whole – that is contained within the tenets of the business practices of “capitalism and free enterprise”. The social truth is that the ever expanding capitalist business model has “cost” us all personally, socially, and certainly environmentally. The continuing economic and social costs of capitalism, throughout the world, have now become obvious to us all – and socially staggering –  not to mention  climate damaging. In turn, environmental changes are becoming a life changing threat for every species on our shared planet. In most cases the historic negative effects of continuing capitalist business practices (exploitation), throughout the world, have now become irreversible on a global scale.

Positive Social Change is Needed

Realistically, our local communities have a social and economic obligation to change the current marketing, distribution, and the retail methods, that are employed by the capitalist business model. This action will help to enable local communities provide the “basic human needs” without any dependence on any outside economic  forces. This very basic social change should be made to come about apolitically, and should also be based on a social “fairness” principle within a local marketplace. It should also be done without being at the mercy of the present economic practices of “exploitation”. The ongoing social recognition of our environmental concerns, should serve to prove to us all that nothing beneficial for the short term, or the long term, will ever come from the negative concept of “exploitation” that is practiced by capitalism.  There is no “common social good” to be gained from the rampant and ongoing exploitation by “capitalism” that has, and is now, being inflicted upon the world, our cultures, our societies and our environment. On the contrary, all that is really produced by this continued world “exploitation” is a flow of “obscene profits” to those  very chosen few who live among us.

Capitalism throughout the world has proven itself historically, to be a “flawed” economic and social experiment that has been allowed to take place on a world scale. Capitalism has now become a distorted social, and economic “experiment”, that has now been tested on a mass of human subjects.  Capitalism as a “trickle down” economic “theory”, as it has been perpetuated by the few,  has shown itself in practice, to bring very little of any long standing social and economic benefits to the many – but rather just obscene abundance to the very few who continue to control the world’s money supply.   DHL 1      now scroll back and go to page 2


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